Thursday, July 18, 2013

Just... cuteness

Sorry, can't help myself. I have to share the cute.

Our back yard has become a haven for wildlife. Over the past couple of months we've seen ducklings, baby robins, and now bunnies. We've also caught sight of coyotes and hawks as well, but -- so far, at least -- all the little ones have been spared.

Today, then, I'm sharing a few shots of the cuties who have been born in our back yard. Hope you enjoy the pics!

We loved watching the robins come feeding their young. This nest was built right outside my kitchen window, so I was able to keep a close eye on the parents' comings and goings and of the chicks growth and progress.

I think those little ones were always hungry.
Hmmm.... a lot like *my* little chickies!

The momma bunny had six little offspring and we've watched her coddle and nurse them, right in the middle of our yard, as though she knew she was safe. That we wouldn't bother her or them.

This little guy in the picture to the right was the bravest of her kids. He/she stared right at us and moved around as though daring us to make a move.

His brother/sister in the photo above (far right) kept his/her ears back and never even twitched, as though silently hoping we wouldn't notice.

They've been frolicking in our yard for the past week or so. I've learned my lesson the hard way, and I've put all my delicious herbs and tasty-to-rabbit plants out of their reach. They seem to be fattening plenty well on grass, so I don't feel guilty.

Do you have any critters living in your back yard?


The Cozy Mystery Journal said...

Oh yes I live in the prairies, so we have plenty jack rabbits and gophers running around right now, along with the usual birds and canadian geese. Lovely time of the year for animal lovers.

Jeannie D. said...

Oh, How cute! I love animals of all kinds. We have baby squirrels every year. When we first moved into our house, I looked out into the driveway one day and there were three tiny little squirrels. They played and romped. They lived in the big tree at the end of the drive. I had a feeder in the back yard and they would come every day and eat. So, for the last five years, we have babies. I love them, I am probably one of the few people who aren't trying to keep the squirrels out of their bird feeders! LOL!

Joanie said...

We live on 30+ acres that are half-woods and half-grass, and we're surrounded by various sized acreages with few fences, and lots of people who keep their dogs from running in packs--so that means the wildlife does instead. We have a dozen head of deer that graze outside my office window every morning and just at dusk, with at least three new babies each year. I feed an orphan tomcat who wanders up each night, and whatever he doesn't finish a raccoon started eating--so I started leaving more food out for the raccoon, and now he's brought a friend. Whatever they don't finish is scarfed up by a couple of possums that wander up onto the front porch every evening. Each morning I leave more food for the cat, and what he doesn't eat at that meal gets taken by the turtle that lives in the flowerbed. Then we have a beaver in our front pond that wanders by every once in a while, too. The neighbor's guinea hens--nine in all--come over and eat our surplus bugs each day, and share in chattering conversation in case we missed their arrival. Then, of course, we have rabbits that made us shift from planting a regular garden, to planting one in high containers. I leave seed out for the birds, and that often gets "shared" with the squirrels who like a variation from the hickory nuts and acorns from our shade trees. And, of course, I have hummingbird feeders--love the bright feeders and the even brighter birds.

Take care of those bunnies, Julie, and watch out for cats. I'm a cat lover, but I've rescued more bunnies from cats than I ever have from dogs.

ANNETTE said...

I live in a town house, with only a patio. For the past several years I have had Carolina Wrens make their nest in the garage, or a hanging basket of Swedish Ivy. They sing and are lovely to look at. This year, as of today, the last babies have grown enough to move into the world. I will miss them, but feel pretty sure they will be back next least I hope so. Of course, I also have toads, from thumbnail size to coffee cup size, green lizards both small and smaller, and geckos. Aren't we blessed to have such lovely creatures share their lives with us?

SueAnn said...

We have 2 acres, 1/3 heavily wooded with a creek, and are surrounded by hay fields...for we have all types of animals! Deer live in the woods, and in the Spring, we see the families come out with the fawns, and graze in the back 40...wild turkeys are all over...they roost in our trees at night...the bachelor guys are out in early Spring in groups,,strutting their stuff...the hens follow..and watch.....and will come out of the woods with about a dozen little ones following her. Birds? all kinds...never fails..we see poor daddy cardinal feeding a baby catbird...poor guy....catbird is twice his size!! But as a dutiful dad, he feeds it...good thing he is color blind....mockingbird just fledged her brood.......tree swallows are building their second nest in their birds are starting family #2 also.Barn swallows have built a nest on top of our porch they fledge, no lights!! There is a rabbit warren deep in the woods....coyotes have not found it yet...scarlet tananger has been nest building..took a while to find where...hummingbirds are mating...doing their "dance" by the feeders....and we have the usual raccoon, oppossum,a skunk passes thru every so often...we were happy to see our red tailed hawk stayed around again this wing black birds are scurrying, the farmer's are mowing hay......bob-whites are here...kildeer....we are fortunate to have woodland, and pasture, birds..a great mix....there is a ground hog we would like to see move on......and a few garden snakes too....all the baby praying mantis; have hatched and are all over my flowers!!! I love watching those little guys!!! We have hoppy toads too.....from the woods....they eat a lot of we try not to step on them! They are very well camoflauged...can startle you if you don;t watch where you walk! People ask me about living out here..and I tell is like a zoo without the cages!!!! we also discovered we have land crayfish!!! chipmunks, a mole every so often....surprisingly, only one squirrel! I think that has to do with the hawk having a nest in the woods!!!! and when night is deepest dark..the bats come out to eat all the moisquiotes!!

Julie Hyzy said...

Oh my goodness! This is all so wonderful!
Thank you all for sharing stories about your wildlife!

Aurian said...

O wow I want to visit your estates! I have a small house in a busy city. The only creatures visiting my extremely tiny garden are snails and spiders and other creepy crawlies (which I hate!). And sometimes some fat pigeons come take a look on the ground. But that is it. The neighbourhood cats have chased off all the other types of small birds here.