Friday, July 12, 2013

Here's my garden

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

The older I get, the more I want to garden.  I actually take pleasure (well, for a few minutes at a time) weeding.  Often when I'm stuck for an idea, weeding helps me think through a story snag, and then I'm off and writing again.

This year, I'm concentrating on roses.  But did I take pictures when they were at their peak?  Nope.  But here's one of my climbers.  Amazingly enough, I got the shot holding the camera over my head (while standing on tiptoe ... as it's almost 7 feet in the air.)

Not far away, are one of the lilies my mother gave Mr. L soon after we moved in here.  (Goodness, that was 20 years ago already.)

I love cosmos, but haven't had a lot of luck growing them.  Until this year!

The last couple of years were disasters when it came to growing veggies.  In fact, I wasn't going to attempt it because I knew Mr. Bunny would just eat everything and break my heart.  But ... I had this bit empty pot and ... well, the next thing you know, I had planted pole bean seeds.  I figure we'll probably get the first of our "crop" around Labor Day.

Luckily, bunnies don't eat tomatoes.  (Although I've seen chipmunks standing on their hind legs eating them them from the bottom up.)  I saw on Facebook this morning that some people around the country are already picking their tomatoes.  I see another 4-5 weeks before that happens here.  These are celebrity tomatoes.  They go great on a BLT!

About 17-18 years ago, I bought a catnip plant at the grocery store.  It has been self seeding all around the yard ever since.  This is just one stand next to the tomatoes.  We don't pull them out, though.  We let them grow (and these will get another week or so) and then dry them so the cats can enjoy catnip all winter. (You'd be surprised how much catnip Chester can eat.)

Last year I put the snap peas in too late, and then the bunnies ate them anyway.  We got exactly ONE pea pod.  Ha!  I'm not taking any chances this year and put them in a pot.  We won't have a lot, probably one meal's worth, but we'll get to enjoy them instead of the bunnies.

And we're back to flowers.  These are just two of the blooms from the hydrangea plant Leann Sweeney sent me several years ago.  I counted 33 the other day.  In other years, I've had as few as five.  The unrelenting rain has been good for them, and just about everything else in the garden.

This is a common day lily, like you see by the side of the road--and that's exactly where its forbearers came from.  We pulled out the old garden at my family's summer garden, but I couldn't bear to throw away just everything, so I brought home a number of them and put them around the side of our deck, where nothing wanted to grow.  I figured if they could survive along the side of roads, they could survive around my deck.  They have been fruitful and have done a great job of multiplying.

And that's my yard.

How is your garden doing?


Janet Morrissey said...

Lovey garden and lovely pictures, Lorraine! Thanks for sharing it!!

Linda Johnston said...

Beautiful. Love the great variety that you have.

Nancy said...

Beautiful! I also love cosmos. Zinnias are another easily grown flower I like. My garden is rather wild right now. Lavender, lilies and roses are going strong.

Jeannie D. said...

Beautiful! and beutiful photos. I love the hydrangeas. I like perennials that just keep going and multiplying. Thanks for brightening my morning!

Diane LaBrie Leverson said...

Love your garden. It is beautiful. I'm not too good with plants.. I bought an Endless Summer Hydrangea this year for in front of my apartment. It is/was beautiful but I now have to dead head it...I hope it starts to bloom again. I had about 25 flowers so far.

ANNETTE said...

WOW! Beautiful garden and lovely pictures - thank you for sharing. I have pots on a patio...I have tomato plants with teeny tiny flowers....I am pretty sure I will not be eating any tomato from my garden this year. Congratulations on your beautiful plants.

Aurian said...

Amazing, I love the pictures!