Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Food, Food, Glorious Food

by Maggie Sefton

Are you trying to lose weight and/or inches?  Having trouble, perhaps, getting past a certain "plateau" weight?  Well, I'll make a suggestion you might want to try.  But, first, the Informational Disclaimer part of this post:

I've always paid attention to Health and Nutrition issues, and I've made it a point to educate myself about what is often called "Healthy Eating." One thing that I've definitely learned over the years is that  everyone responds differently to weight loss efforts.  Not everyone can lose pounds and be healthy on the same "diet plan."  Over the years, we've all seen various Fad Diets blaze into popularity, proclaiming themselves the One and Only Way to Lose Pounds and Inches. . . well, you've heard the rest.  Blah, blah, blah.  People try it.  Some lose weight and inches, others don't.  People are different.

One thing that holds true for ALL people, however, is good nutrition.  If we're eating healthful meals and including protein, carbohydrates, and good fats in proper amounts, not only will we stay healthy, but we'll also be able to lose and maintain a healthy body weight.  Those principles remain true.  We, then, are free to decide how we choose to combine those principles in ways that work for us.

Okay, now that that's over, here's the suggestion----if you have yet to drop Gluten in all forms, then make that change. And I mean Gluten in ALL its insidious forms and combinations that are found in various foods.  This means you will have to READ LABELS.  Uh, huh, as boring as that sounds.  Believe me, label reading is absolutely essential nowadays.  (More about that in an upcoming post).  You will find gluten as Wheat and wheat products, added to soups, packaged sauces, prepared meals, cereals---anywhere and everywhere.

However, if you really, really can't be bothered to read labels, here's a quick and dirty way to conduct your  Seven Day trial period:   Just drop all wheat products, which means breads, bagels, pasta, cereals, muffins, rolls, etc, etc.  Bread in ALL its forms.  And almost all boxed cereals.  And White Rice.  But,  here's the part people find the hardest-----drop Sugar in all its forms, including corn or fructose syrup.  It's EVERYWHERE, so read those labels.

Those two changes alone can make a big difference.  If you really want to see a change that's measurable on the scale AND on the tape measure----drop Gluten and Sugar in all forms for 3 full weeks.  Make sure you eat plenty of leafy green veggies and fruits, focusing on berries which are lower in natural sugar, good starch carbs like brown rice or quinoa or Gluten-Free breads, good fats like Virgin Olive oil, avocados, and nuts---EXCEPT Peanuts.  Peanuts are NOT nuts.  They are beans and are metabolized as starch.   And don't forget meat, chicken, or fish.  And, as before, be good to your body and choose Organic.  

If you're pleased with the results of that 3 week period, then I will make another suggestion.  Eliminate Dairy, Corn in all forms, and Soy and soy products.  Try that for another 3 weeks.  Or---you could try what I did:  Eliminate all of those Food products for a three week period.  Watch what happens, not only on the scale but also on the tape measure.  I think you may be extremely pleased.  I know, I have been.  I'm seeing lower numbers on the scale I haven't seen for a long time.  :)  If you choose to continue eating this healthy way, guess what?  You continue to shed that excess weight.  Really.  

I can tell lots of you are thinking, Good Heavens!  What's left to eat?  Well. . .to be honest....EVERYTHING ELSE!  Tons of veggies of all descriptions, fruits, good fats like avocado and nuts like cashews, almonds, Macadamia (yes, those so-called fattening Macademia nuts), and lean meats, chicken, and fish.   I choose Cage Free chicken and Free Range Grass Fed beef and Wild Caught fish, unless it's not available.  Nowadays, "choosy" shoppers can actually find Organic items in all these categories.  And----you're never hungry between meals.  No need for snacking.  Eating well-balanced like this will allow you to eat three balanced healthful and delicious meals that are completely filling.   Give it a try.  What have you got to lose. . . except the excess weight?


Kathleen Chrisman said...

I just started eating this way on the first of July. So far I'm really enjoying it. And, you are right, I'm not hungry between meals. I also do not crave chocolate all the time.I hope I see the results you are seeing. But I'm feeling better and that's a big part of this change.


Deb said...

My sister started eating that way after being diagnosed with a form of arthritis and she's hooked me, too. Actually all grains are out for her. Once we changed our way of thinking, it was easy and delicious, but it requires a bit of cooking, which I like.