Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Wool Market and Mountains

by Maggie Sefton

I spent most of the day Saturday driving up the Big Thompson Canyon to the picturesque mountain town of Estes park, right outside the gates of Rocky Mountain National Park.  I was signing at the Lambspun vendor booth at the Estes Park Wool Market.  Every time I crest that last hill leading into Estes Park below, my reaction to the view is always the same---I'm awestruck by the beauty of the Rocky Mountains in front of me, wrapping around the entire scene.  Snowcapped and gorgeous, the sight is calming, peaceful.  Maybe that's why so many of us escape to the mountains and the seashore.  Gazing at mountains and the ocean is peaceful, relaxing, somehow.

This past Saturday, that view of the mountains was the last I got until I had a short break mid-booksigning at the Lambspun vendor booth in the vast Exhibition Hall.  The last glimpse was when I left.  In between, I was talking with people, signing copies of CLOSE KNIT KILLER and other books, more talking, & more signing.  Three hours straight.  Even I was tired of talking after that.  (People who know me are either spilling their coffee/tea when they read this or choking on their morning cereal.   )

Before venturing into that vast Hall with its impressive display of All Things Fiber, I wandered through the Goat Barn and the Sheep Barn, rubbing soft noses and enjoying.  What an incredible assortment of breeds were on display.  Also, the same for the Alpaca and Llama Barns.  When I left in late

afternoon, I had to laugh hearing the sheep "baaaaaaaa-ing" and fussing as they stood in line waiting to be judged.    This photo is not of the sheep from Saturday, but some sheep I spotted in England while on a trip into the Yorkshire countryside years ago.

Oh, yes---FYI:  I did something different at the ending of CLOSE KNIT KILLER.  For the first time in 30 years of writing novels, I wanted to type "TO BE CONTINUED" on the last page of the book.
Why?  Because I incorporated some real life details into the last two pages.  Hint:  It has to do with the High Park Wildfire that broke out one year ago last Saturday.  Check it out.  :)  By the way----that's a photo of the actual High Park wildfire which blazed in some of our beautiful canyons.  What you see there is what firefighters call "crowning."  That's when the underbrush catches fire in a forest, then ignites the pine trees.  They blaze up like torches, and the wind whips those flames to the top or crown of a nearby pine tree.  Scary.


Aurian said...

Lovely post, I am glad you had a great day. And one day I hope to see your mountains in reality for myself.

Cynnara said...

Sounds fantastic. I love Rocky Mountain National Park, it's so beautiful. Hearing about it again, brought back so many memories. :D I love going to see different things, so now I'm bummed I didn't know about the Wool Market. I'd have dragged my ex there. LOL

Now you have me wanting to open the book to start reading and I promised myself no more reading until I finish my goals this week. *sigh* I need to know why you wanted to write "To Be Continued". Evil. Just Evil. *whimpers* I will not cheat and read....I will not cheat and read...This is going to be hard. LOL

Maggie Sefton said...

I hope so, too, Aurian. :)

Maggie Sefton said...

LOL Cynnara. Discipline builds strength, right? (g)