Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Next Generation and more

by Julie

Yes, that's me, with our daughter, Biz, posing with the incomparable Sir Patrick Stewart. We attended the Star Trek convention in Chicago this past weekend and we had a blast.

After I write this blog post, I'm going to do write a bit more about how this weekend was good for my soul. If you're interested, please take a moment to visit my personal blog, here: Julie Hyzy's Blog

Biz and I bought the special Saturday night tickets to see the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation reunited on stage in celebration of the series' 25th anniversary. I'd always enjoyed the actors' performances and I'd always hoped that they were decent people in real life (you know... people who would actually believe in equality, compassion, exploration... the Prime Directive). I have to tell you that they were. All of them.
I came away with even more respect for LeVar Burton and Gates McFadden. Lovely, wonderful, passionate people. We laughed at Jonathan Frakes' and Brent Spiner's "schtick" and Sir Patrick Stewart was awesome, as always. We were surprised to find out that Michael Dorn and Marina Sirtis are apparently best friends. Michael Dorn is rather quiet, but kind, and amusing. Marina was... well... she'd be great at a party but I can't help thinking that long-term exposure to her would exhaust me.

Couldn't help myself. Had to take a photo with the Borg! Resistance was definitely futile!

There were costume contests, karaoke, lots of celebrity sightings and photo-ops, which is where Biz and I got our chance to meet Sir Patrick. We'd done photos with Spiner and Frakes in the past, as well as with Armin Shimerman and Max Grodenchik - the Ferengi brothers - a couple of years ago. They are truly charming men.

Are you a fan of Star Trek? Original series? Next Generation? DS9? Voyager? Enterprise?
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