Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Honor System

by Leann

Moving to a more rural part of the country was a good move. It's beautiful in the Carolinas--and peaceful. But I do miss many things about the Texas town where we lived. I could find organic foods and those without preservatives much easier. (I'm super sensitive and have a host of food allergies.) Now, travel time to get those things is about an hour each way. But the good news is, the traffic is, well, non-existent! I do NOT miss Houston traffic one bit.

But "organic" can be found in other ways. And one of those is right around the corner from our rental house. An older couple has a fruit and vegetable stand in their front yard--and it's all paid for with the honor system. Here's what I found once I stopped there:
Beautiful tomatoes, cukes, yellow squash and peppers! Nice, huh?

There are signs you can see giving the prices--most things are 3 for a dollar--and they have a container with plastic grocery bags so you can bag up your purchases. And here's how you pay:

Just slide your money in the slot of that old lock box--and there's a scale for your convenience--I guess for when they put out fruits and veggies sold by the pound. That's not the case just yet.

Refreshing throwback to a less busy time? You betcha! This is how they do it in rural South Carolina. And the watermelons? One dollar. Yummy!!!

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