Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Sixty and Suddenly Single: Like a Bird

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

It doesn’t matter anymore how or why I came to be here. Like a bird with a broken wing, I’ve landed on my feet. I tuck under a dense, protective thicket and begin the healing process. It’s a given – I am really alone with me, myself, and I. This new world is so different, with all the unfamiliar sounds of a new home and neighborhood, and sometimes no sound at all other than my own unpredictable thoughts.

The stages of grief are spelled out for us, whether widowed or, in my case divorced, and for me they have been passed through; anger, sadness, fear. I have tried to lock onto words of hope. “Pass through” implies a journey that will end.

But where exactly is this destination?

I realize I've been on auto-pilot and that it is totally my call. I am the only one who can create a new ‘me’ from the remnants of ‘we’. It’s time to get out a map and study it, make a few solid plans, but leave some of it to chance.

I feel excitement returning. Hey, old friend, I thought you had abandoned me. The possibilities are endless. My wing has healed.


Remember as you fall, to land solid, and take the time to heal. One day you will want to leave the thicket behind and take to the air again. Go gently at first, testing, until you find your wings. After that, soar high and wide, and catch the wind…as long as it’s blowing in the direction of your dreams.

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