Friday, June 14, 2013

Rain, rain -- GO AWAY!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

We've had a LOT of rain this spring.  So much so, that we've talked about building an ark.  Instead of June, it feels like November.  We've never had the furnace on so late in the year before.  (The people at our utility company must be rubbing their hands with glee.)

Usually we have our annuals planted in the garden by Memorial Day.  Here it is the 15th of June and we still don't have them planted (although we were optimistic enough the other day to go out and buy a few for our big containers). 

Our back garden looks like a jungle.  All this rain has certainly invigorated the weed population.  We had one dry day in the past four or five and used it to pump off the top of the pool (again), stake the yarrow, yank out the rogue columbines and rose campion, and try to get a handle on the weeds.  But are we ready to plant yet?  No way.  You can't tame an entire garden  in one sunny day.  Not when there are errands to run, sick relatives to take care of, and books to write, but we've been trying.

Tomorrow MIGHT be sunny, but we've got plans for the weekend that don't include gardening.  Still, if I can get out there early, maybe I could get a a patch done enough to put the tomatoes in.  At this rate, we won't be harvesting any until September.  (We're growing celebrities--what variety do you like?)

Has the weather interfered with your gardening this year?


Jeannie D. said...

I am glad I am not the only one with weeds growing like crazy this year. We too have had an abundance of rain. I do have my garden out, but it has really been a chore to keep the weeds down with the rain. Virtually impossible.They have taken over. I like the celbrity tomatoes, they produce larger crops than most. But, I also like Better Boy's too.

Elaine said...

I travel too much to have a garden. But I do have a basil plant I take with me. I do miss the fresh tomatoes the most. Store bought usually are not that tasty. But then there are Farmer's Markets, where I can find some good ones. At least we are not having a drought like last June, when all the grass turned brown and there were watering bans all over.

Aurian said...

I agree, this spring was too cold and too wet. My garden is very tiny, and I did it two weekends ago, and am enjoying the colors of my new plants very much. But only for a few moments a day, as it is too cold to sit outside. I do have a plant of tiny cherry tomatoes, lovely to pick one as a snack.

Anonymous said...

We weeded enough to put in the tomatoes, but we're only doing beans and peas in containers this year. It's too heartbreaking when the critters eat everything to the ground. So far they aren't tall enough to get in the containers. (At least they weren't yesterday. Who knows what today will bring.)

Anonymous said...

Drought? What's drought? If we get much more rain, I'm sure will all sprout gills.

Anonymous said...

We have never planted our annuals so late. Too late, in fact. We went to get some petunias yesterday only to find the nursery is all sold out. We think we might settle for geraniums. : (