Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Odds and Ends

by Maggie Sefton

I've got lots of little things I wanted to share on my Cozy Chicks Blog post today, so I thought I'd simply throw all of them in the same post and move through the list.  Hence, the title for this post.  :)

First---I wanted to remind those of you who've seen my post on Facebook earlier this month and alert other bloggers who hadn't that I'm participating with three other cozy mystery authors this month in a contest with our FREE BOOKS as the prize.  The other authors are Daryl Gerber, Krista Davis, and Janet Bolin.  We call the contest the June Scramble because it involves solving word puzzles and each of our new releases.  If you like word puzzles, check out my Facebook Author page and take a look at the pink icon right beneath the banner.  You can click on that and find out how to enter.  My Facebook address is---  www.facebook.com/MaggieSeftonAuthor.

Next---I'm finishing the last tweaking of the very next Kelly Flynn mystery which will be out in June 2014.  We submit our novels at least a year before their publication dates.  New York publishing is a complex business with a great many hands stirring the pot.  I've learned to watch out so I'm not hit with that big wooden spoon.  :)

Next---On Thursday of this week,  Daughter Serena will arrive for a long weekend visit.  We'll make sure she has plenty of time to visit her grandmother.  My mom is in a Health & Rehab facility.  They don't call them "nursing homes" anymore.  They're skilled facilities or "full service" facilities.  My mom will be delighted to see Serena.  She always enjoys seeing any of my four daughters when they visit.  As well as other family members, too.  My mom is still a happy person, thank goodness.  I personally think that has a lot to do with our general state of health.  She has no major diseases.  None of those Big Three that take so many others.  She has extremely bad arthritis in both knees which means she has to be in a wheelchair now.  Since she turned 93 on May 10th, I think that's perfectly fine.  At that age, whatever makes it easier for them to stay around with us.  :)

Serena and I will also make time to drive up into the High Country and also into our beloved Cache La Poudre Canyon to the northwest of Fort Collins.  I was amazed how much vegetation was still growing and how little fire damage I saw last Fall when driving through Poudre Canyon.  After the awful High Park wildfire last summer that blazed through Rist Canyon, to the West of Laporte (small suburb on western edge of Fort Collins), I thought I would see everything burned.  Not at all.  On the right side of the Poudre Canyon, it looked like always.  Nothing was burned that I could see.  The only burned areas I spotted on the left side appeared occasionally and were mostly up on the ridge line where the fire swept over from Rist Canyon that night.  Firefighters tell you that wildfires do NOT burn everything in their path.  They hop and skip all around.  Burn one patch, leave others untouched.  Burn one house, leave the others.  Whatever the reason.  I'm grateful and thankful.  Our beautiful Poudre Canyon is still there and looks the same.  At least it does to me.  :)

Lastly---Oh, yes.  I had good news about CLOSE KNIT KILLER after the first week it came out June 4th.  Check out my Facebook page and scroll back to read it.  Again---I say Thank you, Thank you, Readers!

Oh, another Lastly---I'll be signing this Saturday, June 29th, in Old Town Square Fort Collins at the Old Firehouse Books tent.  Fort Collins is having a Book Festival so there will be lots of books and book-people all over.  :)  If you're in the vicinity, come out and join the fun.


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Ron said...

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Aurian said...

A nice list Maggie, I am looking forward to reading your new book in 2015, the paperback version :) And I am glad to know that Poudre Canyon is just as pretty as you describe it in the books.

Maggie Sefton said...

Aurian---yes, it is. Thank goodness. I'll be driving up there sometime these next few days while my daughter is visiting. :)