Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June Is Busting Out All Over!

by Maggie Sefton

Ohhh, what beautiful weather we're enjoying here in Northern Colorado.  Love it,
love it.  Temps are in the 80s, sunny every day, clouds form in afternoon for brief sprinkle. . .or not.  Gorgeous.  I know the folks near Colorado Springs farther south are fighting a horrendous wildfire and have lost nearly 500 homes.  Last year our June was filled with mega-heat and wildfire, thanks to Nasty La Nina.  It was dreadful, and it stole our summer.  We finally got summer back in August when it was on way out.  This year, thanks to those weeks of late spring snow, we have our snowpack back over 100% and have plenty of water here in Northern Colorado.

I'm reveling in Relaxing outside as I do revisions to the Kelly Flynn mystery I've been writing and now finishing.  Doggies and I are enjoying the shade of the backyard patio, enjoying my hanging baskets of fuschia, Bougainville, and salmon pink geraniums.  At night, temps drop no matter how high they were during day,
so it's cool and fresh.  I open all my screened windows on all three levels of  my tri-level house.  Breezes blow through every day.  At night, it actually drops enough in temps that I close windows on lower and middle levels and only keep ones on upper bedroom level open.  But I don't even keep the window all the way open in bedroom where I sleep because it would get too chilly overnight.  Really.  Often I'm getting up in middle of night and closing windows because of a mountain breeze.  And I need a blanket on my bed, believe it or not.

This the first time I get to spend the entire month of June here in Colorado.  June is usually our most gorgeous month, so I'm delighted.  I actually thought back and realized I've been traveling half to 3/4 of June every previous year since the Kelly Flynn mysteries first came out in 2005.  Either traveling for each new Kelly Flynn release and/or traveling for family stuff like graduations.  That's EIGHT years!  I'd say I was overdue for a gorgeous June in Colorado.  Where's your favorite place to relax at your home in summer?
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