Sunday, June 2, 2013

I Need a Hardhat!

by Leann

It's been tough getting concrete poured during a rainy South Carolina spring. But even Mother Nature gives us a little break and time enough to get the "footers" poured on our lot. I didn't know what footers were until now! But those white tracks of concrete in this picture to the right are the outline of our soon to be house! After they dug the basement hole they had to come back 3 times and fix the dirt that had slid down the sides. (Frustrating? Um, YES!)

With the footers in place we can move on to the cement block foundation. Looks like a lot of blocks to me!

Each block has a hole in the center and after it is put in place, rebar is added for reinforcement and then the hole is filled with more concrete. Makes for a sturdy foundation!

What I was delighted to see was the path of the driveway, the woods that
will surround us and most of all the beautiful view we will have once the house is finished. What I was not delighted by this weekend was the weather forecast. More rain coming. But compared to the tragedy in Oklahoma and the Midwest, we are fortunate indeed.

What do you think of our property? Nice, huh?

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