Thursday, June 20, 2013

Door County

by Julie

We loved our vacation! We took off last Monday with our good friends, Rene and Mike, for a few days of R&R and fun in Door County, Wisconsin. Exactly the time off I needed, now it's back to work! But hey, I love writing, so  no complaints.

After we'd made our reservations, we found out that the Bed and Breakfast we'd chosen in Sturgeon Bay isn't in the heart of Door County - it's more at the base. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at The Scofield House. Beautiful rooms, fabulous breakfasts, enjoyable discussions with the other guests... but next time we visit, we may head a bit farther north into Fish Creek or Egg Harbor. Sturgeon Bay is lovely, but Fish Creek and Egg Harbor are the more quaint locations Door County is known for. Still, no biggie. And if we ever want to go up there and stay in a quiet spot, we will definitely remember The Scofield House.

Plus, Sturgeon Bay was about halfway between Von Stiehl in Algoma (one of the coolest wineries) and the northernmost winery we visited on the Door County wine trail. So, it all worked out.

Highlights of the trip included a ghost tour. We *loved* Bob, our guide. Here he is at the cemetery we visited. The man knows his stories and he tells them well. I highly recommend you take his haunted trolley tour.

We also went to a fish boil. We've gotten the impression that if you visit Door County (and this was our first time there), you must go to a fish boil. We went to the White Gull Inn and watched as Tom cooked our dinner. The whitefish we were served was good, the tartar sauce fabulous, but it was the spectacle that was the most fun.

Did I mention wineries? We hit the seven spots suggested on the wine trail map. Doing so (and getting a stamp at each) won us souvenir wine glasses. The last place we visited almost didn't want to give us our glasses because one of the stops along the way hadn't stamped it properly. They'd signed their name instead. No idea why --

maybe they misplaced their stamper? In any case, the final spot finally relented and handed over the glasses. It had taken us two days to hit them all - they're miles and miles apart - and I have to say that the man's reluctance to give us our glasses (which probably cost them all of 50 cents each) left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth. He argued that the "signature" could have been forged by one of us. Really? Seriously?

Anyway, we'd done the wine trail for the fun of it, and it had been fun, so I'm putting that man's unpleasantness out of my mind. I'm specifically *not* mentioning his winery because he may be the only sour grape of the bunch (get it? Sour grape?). We loved most of the stops, in particular Von Stiehl, as I mentioned, and The Door Peninsula Winery where we tasted wine, vodka, olive oil, and fudge. You can't beat that!

We stayed busy, which is something we like to do on our vacations. And we enjoyed hanging with our great friends, Rene and Mike.

What's your favorite kind of vacation?


Aurian said...

It sure sounds like a great week Julie! I would have loved the fudge tasting ;)

I like to see as much as possible of the countryside and the sights if I am somewhere unknown. I do love exploring and excursions.

Sue said...

Sounds like a great vacation Julie!!! Did you remember to pass out bookmarks while you were there? :)

Elaine said...

Sounds like a great vacation! I have enjoyed my trips to Door County with my husband very much. Just the two of us seeing the sights and being together, relaxing. You know what they do with the bad grapes, don't you? They make brandy. Maybe that sour grape will be turned into brandy and be more mellow...

Julie Hyzy said...

I think that was the most fun, Aurian. Finding new places, new sights, new experiences!

Julie Hyzy said...

I took bookmarks but didn't make it to the one you mentioned. I found one used bookstore, but they didn't carry paperbacks -- well, not more than one cardboard box full. I think we didn't travel north enough. There's so much there to explore and we hardly scratched the surface. I was bummed to miss the bookstore and the pizza place, too!

Julie Hyzy said...

Ha! Love that, Elaine! I'm going to remember that!

Laura W said...

I also love Door County. Add breakfast at the White Gull Inn for your next trip. They have the best omelets and serve coffee & rolls on the patio while you are waiting for your table. I hope grumpy wasn't from Stones Throw Winery. I love their $5 tasting which includes a very nice wine glass. I'm working on my collection.

Julie Hyzy said...

We'd heard great things about breakfast at the White Gull. Because we were at a B&B, we never got there early, but next time for sure.
Stones Throw was great! Our tasting host there reminded us all of a younger, handsomer Malcolm McDowell. And I definitely got a glass there, too! LOL