Saturday, June 8, 2013

Donut Day Takes Us Away

By Ellery Adams

This is more a photo montage that a bona fide blog post, but I was kind of in the mood to break from the norm. I'm trying to carry over my feelings from yesterday, when I dropped everything I was doing and took my kids downtown to the Krispy Kreme to celebrate National Donut Day.

I hadn't planned on this venture, but I read about the theme day on Facebook and I'd been editing for hours straight while my kids amused themselves (i.e., bickered, watched annoying cartoons, played video games, and complained about the endless rain).

Finally, I couldn't take another sentence and I stepped away from the computer, told the kids to get in the car, grabbed the camera and drove them to the donut shop.

They'd never been before and the Richmond landmark didn't fail to amaze. As you can see, it was packed. We watched the donuts being cooked, filled, sugared, and served and then, we ate our free donuts and bought a dozen to take to the nurses working with my husband. We made sure to show up at the hospital wearing our paper hats.

Sometimes, blowing off our work is worth it!

When's the last time you did something purely hedonistic? What was it?

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