Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Little R&R Before the Storm

by Julie

When you read this, I'll probably be just returning home from a few days in Door County, Wisconsin with my husband and another couple. None of us has ever been up there before, but we've all heard wonderful reports of the quiet, the beauty, and the chance to relax.

Last Saturday and Sunday, I took part in the Chicago Tribune Literary Fest, Printers Row, in downtown Chicago, and when we return from Door County, I'll be gearing up for the release of Grace Takes Off  on July 2nd. Preparing for a book's release is always a lot of work, and this time around I have a big launch party planned that I haven't started organizing yet. Lots to do!

But for a few short, blissful days, we're staying at a Bed & Breakfast with no worries other than "Which winery should we visit" or "Where do you want to eat dinner?"

I've taken along a manuscript that I've agreed to read and blurb, and my iPad so that I'm not entirely out of touch. But oh... as I write this, I'm anticipating a few sweet days of R&R.

I think taking a few days to chill before everything gets crazy again is a good idea.

What do you do to relax when you know that you're facing a month of busy-ness?


Elaine said...

Door County is beautiful! My husband and I have been there a couple of times. We never have stayed there yet, just done some touring and hiking in a day. But we had fun doing it together, except the climb up the very tall watchtower somewhere. He wouldn't go up with me. But it is so pretty and we had so much fun, even the one day that rained most of the day.

Cynnara said...

Enjoy the wineries and the beautiful countryside! When it comes to relaxing while under stress, I indulge in a couple of things. I get Mr. Man to agree to a date night or date day, so we can go somewhere we don't normally go for a new experience. The other thing I do is go on a short reading binge. I delve into the TBR pile or reread a series I really love to help me relax and destress. It helps a lot.

Heather said...

Door County is a great place to explore or relax. Hope you enjoyed!

Unknown said...

Door county is beautiful! And I do love the cherries, especially pie and cobbler. We spent some wonderful times there. My oldest daughter played Oboe in an orchestra there for summer camp. We loved hearing her and the scenery around the area.

Aurian said...

Have fun Julie! I also like to relax by going away for a few days, see new things and surroundings and just enjoy being free of the daily chores.