Monday, May 6, 2013

Your Vacation: New Adventure or Old Haunt?

by Kate Collins

I have several friends who take their summer vacations at the same small lake in Michigan every year. Another friend goes to Colonial Williamsburg for her vacation each summer. Yet another makes a pilgrimage to Disney World every spring, which she has done since her kids were little. They're now grown and still love to go annually.

Then I have friends whose goal is to see as many new sights as possible. They've been to so many countries, I've lost count. They never tire of adventure and hate going anywhere twice. I envy them. I would love to be a world traveler.

When my husband was alive, we would take an annual cruise to the Greek Islands (his ancestry) but there were always new ports added every year, so we had a mix of old and new. So I guess I'd classify myself as a semi-adventurer. We were always saying that we would try an Alaskan cruise or a Panama Canal cruise next, but then we'd look at our photos of sunny Santorini, the two of us at an outside taverna high on the cliff overlooking the aqua blue sea, eating a thick slice of moussaka and drinking a Mythos beer, smiling from ear to ear -- and we'd sigh wistfully and book another Greek Island cruise. They're great memories. I really miss going there.

What is your favorite kind of vacation? Are you the kind who seeks new adventures or do you revisit the same old haunts? Or are you like me, a semi-adventurer?
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