Monday, May 13, 2013

The Three Muske-plant-eers

by Kate Collins

I know. Bad pun. I was trying to find a clever way to announce my blog subject -- a Mother's Day planting event, an afternoon spent with my daughter and son planting flowers and flowering shrubs. When they were little, the three of us did everything together, prompting me to tag us the Three Musketeers. So that was the best I could do. I'm spent!

It was a great day. Although the temperature didn't climb out of the 50s, the sun was out and it was warm enough in my courtyard to do without jackets. This will be my first summer in my new house, and I had told my kids my intention to add to the few boxwood shrubs that came with the house. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do except that I knew I had to have roses and pink hydrangeas, along with potted plants of deep pink geraniums and purple and pink petunias.

Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find a whole porch full of landscape plants and garden decor. You can see some in these photos. Among the items they bought are a pink hydrangea, a pink azalea shrub, a red knockout rose, multicolored celosia, marigolds, wisteria, and the garden decor, including two fancy bird feeders.

We spent at least two hours digging holes in the clay soil, filling them with good potting soil and planting the plants.  And I still have room for pots of geraniums and petunias.

And then we cut up an assortment of fresh veggies (potatoes, onions, zucchini, carrots, Brussel sprouts and garlic), tossed them with sea salt, pepper, and olive oil, made packets of foil and grilled them along with grass-fed antibiotic free steaks -- until the fuel ran out and the grill shut off half-way through.  We ended up finishing the meal in the oven and laughing about it. But topped off with a good red wine and fudgy brownies, it was a feast.

At the end of the day, we sat and admired our outdoor handiwork, all agreeing that it had been one of our best Mother's Day celebrations ever. It'll be something they can look back on one day and say, "Hey, remember when the three Musketeers...."

It hasn't been easy to celebrate holidays since my hubby's passing, but thanks to the close bond I have with my children, it's getting easier. And even though my husband wasn't here, we all felt his presence.

I hope you enjoy my photos.


SueAnn said...

That's wonderful! You were a smart build on the relationships from birth....they will always remember the 3 musketeers! We have one...and I made a bond with mine at now.we are the 3 beers,us-even when Dad can't be with us...we are still the inspire not fear as much...when my day will came..that I am only the 2 beersus..but..I think..when that day comes..we will always be 3...Absolutely a wonderful day for you..and them too....makes you feel good...for all your you can carry that into your future....!.

Unknown said...

Sunds like a perfect Mother's Day! They gave you a gift, not just a present but you can go out each morning and look at your gift- plants develop and bloom.

Aurian said...

Lovely day Kate, I hope you have many more just as lovely and sweet.