Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Lost Art of Lingering

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed


When I was a kid, adults never used that word.

Instead they said,

"Quit dillydallying."
"Are you lollygagging again?"
"Stop dawdling and get to work."

We also had signs in case we forgot and stopped moving.

"No Loitering!"

And my favorite:

"Idle hands are the Devil's tools."

Eventually I grew up. Now I can linger as long as I want and no one is going to tell me to quit loafing. But I don't.

As I look at middle age in the rear view mirror, I worry that I've forgotten how to stop and smell the roses?


I love that word. 

Today I'm going to do a little of it.

Linger in bed or linger over coffee, or dab on a little perfume and let the smell linger around my desk.

Because I don't want my only lingering to be on my death bed.
I want to experience it right now.

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