Monday, May 6, 2013

Long-Lost Old Friends--Found

by Maggie Sefton

I'm back in Northern VA and Washington, DC "hometown" once again.  Spring weather here like Colorado.  Chilly & sunny, rain is coming, but the azaleas are already in bloom and they are GORGEOUS!  I promise I'll have some photos next week.

I had a wonderful surprise at the Malice Domestic conference last week, Friday thru Sunday.  After entering the  hotel lobby, I spotted a writer friend I had not seen in years.  Karen MacInerney.  We were close friends in the early days of 2005--2006 when we both had our first amateur sleuth mysteries published. The first of the Kelly Flynn mysteries, KNIT ONE, KILL TWO, had just come out June 2005, and the first in her Grey Whale Inn mysteries set in Maine had come out.  We immediately went to the hotel bar and started talking---catching up.  :).  It was great to reconnect.   I'll invite her as a guest blogger soon so she can update you all on her latest in her successful Bed  and Breakfast series set in Maine.

Tomorrow I'm joining my two "sisters" --- Nancy & Diane --- and we'll drive into Washington, DC to   see the "DC Design House.". This is an annual event and is wonderful fun for those of us who enjoy decorating and architecture and all thigs house-related. If you watch House and Garden TV, then you'd LOVE visiting the DC Design House.  Washington, DC area interior designers & decorators vie for the opportunity to completely redecorate one room each of these older custom-designed houses located in gorgeous prestigious areas of the city.  These are large homes so there are a lot of rooms to see.  It is SO much fun.  We're there for hours, then treat ourselves to a yummy lunch at some great cafe.  :)

Do you folks ever watch and enjoy the House and Garden TV channel?


Jeannie D. said...

Love to watch the HGTV channel! I also love to watch DIY channel. The designer home sounds like a lot of fun. I had never heard of that one before. I will have to remember that, I love D.C. There are so many things to do and alot of great restaurants. Have fun!

Karen MacInerney said...

Maggie, it was wonderful to see you -- the highlight of the conference. You are such an inspiration, and I can't wait for you to come to Austin so we can do a signing together! :)

Maggie Sefton said...

Jeannie---You should visit DC again during April or early May. DC Design House is on display for a month. You'd love it.

Maggie Sefton said...

Karen---I can't wait to come to Austin and sign with you. It'll probably be this Fall. :).