Thursday, May 9, 2013

Leia-ing eggs

by Julie

For the past few years in the spring, three mallards show up in our backyard to spend time swimming in our winter-covered, but pond-like pool. My daughters have named the two males and one female Luke, Han, and Leia.

A few weeks ago, Leia went missing. We don't live in a rural area, it's suburban, but we do spot coyotes fairly often and there are always hawks circling. We thought poor Leia had disappeared for good.

Monday, we opened our pool for the season, a little earlier than usual. Generally, this is when Luke, Han, and Leia take off and we don't see them for another year. But this time, Luke and Han are still hanging around.

Now, I don't really mind them swimming in my pool when the cover is on it and water gathers there, but once the pool is open, all bets are off. My husband and I have been clapping our hands and shooing them away before they leave their messy calling cards, if you know what I mean.

I've been playing "Chase the ducks" for the past few days and it's wearing on me. Well, it was. Until this afternoon, when I looked out the back window to see that Leia had returned. It's possible she never left, but had been in hiding in the backyard (entirely possible) because she waddled across the grass accompanied by eight little adorable ducklings.

They're much too small to make it up onto the deck (it's an above-ground pool) at this point, but how on earth will I have the heart to chase those sweet little things away once they get big enough? Fingers crossed that by that time, they'll decide to find different digs.

Any suggestions?
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