Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Mother's Day to Fur-Baby Moms!

By Ellery Adams

Mother's Day is tomorrow and I've been thinking about my mom and how I never realized how much she did for me until I became a mom.

But moms of two-legged creatures aren't the only moms. Here's how I know this:

At five a.m. yesterday, two of my cats were play-fighting and took things too far. They started yowling and hissing and I had to get out of bed and scold them. Sounds like a mom breaking up a fight between to human siblings, right?

At sixty-thirty, two of my four cats were crying for breakfast. They were quite insistent and wouldn't stop complaining until I served them their Fancy Feast.

At seven, a third cat wanted to help me make the bed. He loves to play hide-and-seek in the sheets, and I laughed out loud while making a tunnel for him with the comforter.

Before taking my other kids to school, I had to clean up a cat puke, received a nice rub on the calf and a host of purrs from another cat, and promised that cat that sits on my printer while I write that I'll be home soon.

And I realized that while I had two biological children, I also had four, furry adoptive children. So here's to you moms of furry and feathered children. Because you give all your tender love and care to animals who can't say "thank you" with words, I'll say thank you for them. You're an amazing mom and you're doing a great job!

 If you're an animal mom, tell us the names of the animals you love so well!
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