Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flowers, Flowers. . .and a New Book

by Maggie Sefton

I just spent the entire 3-day Memorial Day weekend in garden shops and planting, shopping for flowers and digging in the dirt.   Happiness!  I adore colors, so my annual spring planting is a joyous experience as well as a LOT of hard work.  But I love driving up to my house and seeing all the bright colors in my big flower pots and planters all over.  And when I'm relaxing on my backyard patio in my comfy chaise lounge reading, I have to have big pots of colorful annuals hanging from the wrought iron hooks surrounding my patio and lined up along the sides.  It helps me relax better. . .honest!
These are not my photos, but they are good examples of some of my favorites.  The small purple petunias or pansy-petunia combinations  which make thick, lush hanging plants.  And who can resist those bright impatiens clustered together?  Ooooooo, I also found a gorgeous fire-engine red vining begonia.  Scrumptious.  And some new variety of fluffly pink petunia with two colors.  I even fixed a small rectangular plantar filled with varieties of lettuce.  I got the idea from my next door neighbor, Ann.  And I'm a big consumer of fresh spinach.  So when I saw her planter filled with lettuce varieties, I decided to give it a try.     

I don't know about you, but I like to dig in the dirt with my bare hands.  I take my rings off and have at it.  Needless to say, I had to wash my hands and clean my nails whenever I came in for lunch or dinner.  Perfect timing too.  Tomorrow, I'm going in for my manicure.  :)  Today---I spent the entire day planting.  We have beautiful late Spring weather here in Colorado---mid-80s all last week and into this week.  And that old Colorado staple---bright sunshine.  I swear. . .the weather here spoils you rotten.  

Oh. . .and the reference to a new book in the title?  Why, the next Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery, of course!  CLOSE KNIT KILLER, the 11th in the series, will be available next Tuesday, June 4th, in bookstores and online.  I'll have more details in next Tuesday's post. 

Meanwhile. . .back to the flowers.  Did any of you spend part of this weekend planting?  Flowers?  Veggies?  Shrubs?  Something new?
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