Thursday, May 23, 2013

Contest on Facebook

by Julie

I've teamed up with three other cozy authors and we're offering you a chance to solve a puzzle to win books and chocolate or one of two $25 gift certificates to a bookstore of your choice. But don't delay, the contest ends tonight!

Here's how it works:
Simply visit my author page, HERE, and click on the "May Contest" tab up at the top on the far right. All the rules for entering are there.

Kate Carlisle, Sally Goldenbaum, Juliet Blackwell and I are hoping you enjoy this fun chance to win. And maybe even find a new author or two in the process.

Today is your last day to enter, so don't wait!

Good luck!


Ashley Ziemer said...


My Recent Favorite Books said...

Thanks! =)

Judy said...

I've already entered. Wish me luck! :)

Thanks y'all. What a great giveaway!

Cynnara said...

I entered and I loved the contest! It was a hoot figuring it out! Plus, I found a couple new authors to enjoy. Always a great side benefit!