Sunday, May 19, 2013

Choices Coming! Watch Out!

by Leann

The day my book came out, May 7th, 21013, we broke ground on what will be our new home. This week, we have a nice big hole in the ground with important things like re-bar in place. (I don't know much about re-bar except that is very, very important.)

I also have another bestseller. The Cat, The Mill and The Murder made the now shortened NY Times Bestseller list (used be 35 titles and now it's 25). I showed up on what is called the "extended list"--the books that are selling well enough to be listed but do NOT appear in the print edition of the NY Times on the Saturday. It can only be found online next week. But for me, it's there. It's real. I am grateful. (And here's a pic I took of the list
off my computer.) What's better, though, is how many people love this book. It was written during a time when my husband had cancer surgery and my 3 senior kitties all died so it is a special book. Emotional? Oh yes.

Onward, though! Now, I not only have to focus on writing my next book, I have so many choices to make--and much to learn--concerning the new house. We went to the plumbing and lighting store yesterday and I left tired and bewildered. And weighed down by a dozen catalogues! And these don't
even have sinks or appliances or flooring or tile. Thank goodness we've picked brick, Hardie board and windows already. We do have to choose things like bathtubs and showers so the plumbing is configured in the right place. Lights and fans, too, for the electrician. And all by next week! Yikes. Then comes countertop surface and cabinet choices.

I will do my best to enjoy the process. This is the last time, our last house, our retirement dream home. Despite trying to educate myself by watching HGTV, I still have much to learn. Undermount, drop-in, slide-in, alcove ... all bathtub terms! I need to understand the differences. I thought I would be making all these decisions myself but no, I can't just go to Lowes and say "I'll have one of those and one of those." I need the guidance of those at the plumbing store and the lighting experts. But it's all good. Or that's what I keep telling myself.

Seems my summer is planned. What about you? Plans, small or large? What are you looking forward to?

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