Tuesday, April 2, 2013

TV Time

by Maggie Sefton

It's the beginning of April and smack dab in the middle of TV's "Second Season." Both Network and Cable TV try to entice us with new shows, hoping we'll become regular viewers.  That way  they can show their advertisers how many viewers they have for certain shows and get more money.  More eyeballs, more money.

I check as many new shows as I can, but I depend on others to tell me of new shows I've missed that I may like.  I have a preference for suspense/mystery, espionage, sci fi/fantasy, meaty dramas with layers of plots and scheming.  I love scheming.  :).  So, I thought I'd tell you folks of a couple of new shows I've enjoyed and see what your opinions are.  I'm continuing to enjoy some shows I discovered earlier:   Person of Interest, Nikita, Revenge, Elementary.

Red Widow is my favorite of this Second Season shows, so far.  Good plotting, good acting.  Some really charismatic actors that are perfect for their roles.  Haven't caught Defiance yet.  Arrow was intriguing but my time is limited.  But there is one show which I haven't been able to catch until last week because it's on Showtime.  I don't have HBO or Show because I can barely keep up with the regular shows I like.  But once I heard about "Homeland" I knew I had to see it.  It's right up my spy-espionage-suspense alley.  :). Plus, I really admired the previous work of actors Claire Danes "Temple Grandin" and Damian Lewis "Band of Brothers" and several PBS-BBC period series.

Last week, Comcast had Watchathon Week when we could watch for free, and I caught up with all of Season One and Season Two.  And all I can say is WOW!!!   That series is fabulous!  Engrossing, compelling, and totally addictive.  :).  And now I can't wait to see what happens next!

What about you folks?  Have you caught any of these yet?  Others I missed?
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