Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Time Has Finally Come!

by Leann

We moved to South Carolina last August after a whirlwind experience selling the house we'd lived in for twenty years. Our beautiful home in Texas sold in less than ten days--and we thought it would take three months. Good thing I'd been packing since Christmas 2011!

But that meant we weren't as ready to start building as we should have been. We didn't have plans, we didn't even have an agreement between my husband and me about the size of the house. What we did have is a gorgeous piece of property on Lake Greenwood.

Can you seen the pretty blue lake through all those trees? That will be our view every morning in the near future. But those trees? Many will be gone. :-(

It is exciting, however, to see equipment clearing the way for our new home. We have plans now. A one story open concept home with a walkout half-basement. Permits have been obtained, water, sewer and temporary electricity are ready. And don't forget the Porta-potty. Got that, too! Probably next week, the first shovel of dirt will be tossed aside. 

So I thought I would share the journey with the first pictures of this work-in-progress! I think my life is about to get much busier.

That's the first sign of a driveway above!

Now we have a path to our new home! And those trees toward the lake? Several will remain. As my son and daughter-in-law requested, we have to make sure there's a spot for a tire swing and a hammock when the bring my granddaughters for a visit. A tire swing. Sounds great to me!

What's new in your life? What projects are you excited about? Spring is a good time to start something new.

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