Friday, April 26, 2013

Supply me with supplies, please!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

What is it about an office supply store that so many of us find appealing?  Yesterday I had to go buy yet more supplies.  Mind you, I've got about 4 packages of pens (10 each) that I haven't opened, five boxes of staples (can anyone use that many in a lifetime?), and scads of other stuff lying around my office because all my desk drawers ,and a whole closet, are full of ... office supplies!

What did I need yesterday?

Rubber bands and padded mailing envelopes.

Rubber bands?  Until about a year ago, I had never paid for a rubber band in my life.  They come on the newspaper 4-5 times a week (well, if it isn't snowing or raining), and you'd be surprised how fast they mount up, too.  But I needed rubber bands for small bundles of bookmarks.  The big horsey ones from the newspaper just don't cut it.  I got a wonderful bag of about a gazillion rubber bands for dirt cheap, all colors, shapes, and sizes.  How cool!

So I came home, happy, and then went to use my tape gun  to tape up a box and found--surprise!--I'd used the last five inches of tape. So where am I heading this afternoon?  Back to the office supply store.

What do you find yourself drawn to when you hit the office supply store?
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