Sunday, April 14, 2013

Subtitles and Insight

by Leann

I have to admit, I am not a huge movie buff. I'd rather read or listen to a book. But because I didn't cancel that "free" movies for 3 months that came with my satellite TV package, I now have a lot more movies available to me than I ever thought possible.

But it was the Sundance channel, not HBO, that drew me in Saturday night-- a
foreign film with subtitles. I'd seen several subtitled movies in the past--but long, long ago. What I tuned in to was, of course, a crime drama. What surprised me was how much I could understand without really having to read the text. It gave
me a new respect for actors--for their voice inflections as well as their facial expressions.

What also surprised me was that I was glad it wasn't dubbed--like those spaghetti westerns or all the various King Kong and monster movies

made in Japan that I used to watch when I was much, much younger. I never realized before that terrible dubbing was probably the reason I never enjoyed foreign films as much as I appreciated the one yesterday.

I was enlightened by my change of heart. The older I get, the more I fear I will grow stubborn and set in my ways. But it was refreshing to know, I am not there yet. I can still change and learn. I hope that lasts forever. What about you? Have you been enlightened lately? Forced to give up preconceived notions--even those concerning yourself?
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