Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Not A Good Day

by Maggie Sefton

I'm sorry, folks.  I just don't feel like writing something entertaining right now.  Tuesday is my  post day for Cozy Chicks Blog.  Since we Chicks like to make sure all of you have our posts available to read at 12:00am of our post day, I always write my post on Monday so it will appear on time at  12:00 am Tuesday.

Considering the terroist bomb attack at the Boston Marathon Monday afternoon, I think you will understand.  Better we spend a few moments sending good thoughts or prayers to the families of the people who were injured or killed.  Right now, a trauma surgeon is on TV talking about the injuries inflicted by the two blasts.  Awful.

As a mother whose youngest daughter is still in Afghanistan on a six-month assignment, believe me I'm counting down the days until she returns.  Meanwhile, she's regularly checking her surroundings.  Being careful can determine whether you stay alive or not.

Send love to your dear ones.   If they're close to you, give them a hug.  
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