Monday, April 8, 2013

My Secret Guilty Pleasure

by Kate Collins

It's a secret no more. My guilty pleasure is animal videos. Also animal photos. Basically, a video or photo of any animal doing something funny or in a funny pose. They crack me up. I even love to watch elephants painting pictures. You put an animal in it and I'll watch.

Also, I love posts about heroic dogs and cats who rescue people, and heroic people who rescue dogs and cats. They make me cry even as I smile.

As a result, I spend way too much time  looking at them instead of writing. Woe to the characters in my book if someone sends me the link to a funny pet video because then I'm sunk. I will let Abby dangle in danger while I watch a video of of a kitten launching a surprise attack on a dog. I will keep Marco meandering in mid-stride while I laugh at a dog snarling at his own back foot for scratching him. Lottie and Grace don't stand a chance against cats playing Patty-cake.

What is it about them that captures our attention? They're not my pets. I've got nothing invested in them. I can't pet them or love them, yet watch them I do.

Is this something that's built into our DNA? Are we hot-wired to love seeing those little fur balls? Do you find yourself hooked on those funny cat and dog posts on Facebook, too?

Tell me I'm not alone, people!

In the meantime, here's a link for you. Just remember. I warned you.

Happy viewing!


Book Dragon said...

You're not alone!

Katreader said...

I love them too, but I'm more into photos than videos. Simply because videos sometimes take forever to load. Have you been to Be prepared to spend some time there! lol.

Aurian said...

Lol, so your fans should just block your internet access during writing hours to get more books?
I do enjoy watching those pictures on Facebook and blogs, but I don't go look at clips and videos, I am always afraid of catching some virus.

Kate Collins said...

Aurian, you make a good point. Actually, two. I should be banned from the internet during my writing hours, and I should be careful about videos. I usually watch them on Youtube. But once I start, I can't seem to stop!

ladyvyvian said...

I love cute animal pictures. I subscribe to I Can Haz Cheesebuger and several animals blogs and spend way too much time on the internet looking at them. LOL