Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Little Fighter

by Leann

I truly believe everything happens for a reason. My kitten Marlowe, whom I have talked about so much on Facebook, has proven this to me once again. If you don't know Marlowe, let me summarize our journey.

I adopted him mid-January and was looking for a specific temperament because my other cat, the silver tabby Wexford, is very shy and very attached to me. He hides when people come to visit and when we picked Wexy up after leaving him at the kennel during our Christmas trip, he was completely depressed. He hadn't even groomed himself and I could tell he'd lost weight. If we were to travel at all, I knew he could use a friend. But I needed a little "alpha" to his very obvious "omega." When I found Marlowe, I felt he was exactly the right fit.

But less than a week into Marlowe's homecoming, he began to have seizures. I rushed him to the vet and the news was not good. He had a very big infection, but because he had already had his first kitten shots, antibodies would show up for anything that fit his symptoms. They couldn't tell exactly what was causing the problem and put him on antibiotics and seizure medicine. I nearly lost him 3 times in the two weeks that followed even though the seizures stopped. That darned infection proved a big enemy for a 2 pound kitten.

Fast forward to now. He is closing in on 5 pounds, is still on antibiotics and seizure medicine, has some developmental delays, but he is fighting. We are fighting. His white blood cell count, which measured an unbelievable 60,000 when first done in January is now closing in on normal. Still too high at 22,000 but whatever we are doing, it's slowly working. Love, of course, is the intangible ingredient. He is so loved.

He's helped me so much, too. Living in a rental house with all my belongings packed away for the most part and being in a strange new environment was getting to me. That and dealing with the slow pace at which my husband moves when it comes to getting things done--like starting our new house. Caring for Marlowe has been just what the doctor
ordered for me and--oh, yes--for Wexford, too. He is the best big brother ever and their personalities are a wonderful match. When we go to visit my daughter in June, I know that kennel stay will be far less traumatic.

So, what do you think? Will Marlowe give Maru a run for his money? :-)

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