Thursday, April 25, 2013

Back to the basement

by Julie

Here we go... the final shots of the basement project.

After numerous trips to Goodwill, many hours spent cleaning, rearranging, cleaning again, we finally have our basement!

I'm thrilled with the way it turned out. Absolutely ecstatic.

Here are a bunch of before, during, and after photos.

We haven't decorated it yet - No pictures on the walls, no knick-knacks on the tables (though, truth be told, I'm not much of a knick-knack fan), but it's just about done.

I'd like to put some sort of window covering up, but haven't quite decided on that yet.

This somewhat long, very empty wall --->
(note all the pictures we've yet to hang) will feature family artwork. And we hope to get a ping pong table to fill the space very soon.

This smaller area is the first part you see at the bottom of the stairs. There's no natural light in this section, unfortunately. But we had to have storage, which is hidden behind that door.

And, of course, we built more bookshelves! Not nearly enough, of course. But coupled with the ones we have upstairs, I think we'll be safe for another month at least.

Check out the coffee table. We found it at an antique store. Love it! So 60s. We call it the gaudy table and it doesn't match style-wise with anything else in the house, but we couldn't pass it up.

Anyway, there's the finished basement.
What do you think?

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