Thursday, April 18, 2013

And then, London...

by Julie

The last stop on our whirlwind trip to visit Biz was London, where we had just enough time to take in a few sights and get her settled in her dorm/apartment for the second half of the semester. Have I mentioned that the weather was rainy and cold while we were in Europe? Well, in London it was even rainier and colder!

We stayed in a gorgeous hotel about a half mile from Buckingham Palace, and about two blocks from a tube station. Not bad, except there was one corner we always had to turn where the wind was so sharp that it nearly blew off our hoods and made our eyes water. Brutal.

Our first day in London was so cold and rainy, we opted to stay inside our hotel for afternoon tea. This wasn't exactly cheap, but it was wonderful, giving us time to plan the rest of our stay while comfy and warm and enjoying oh-so-delicious

We did brave the elements one of the days we were there. My husband and I wanted Biz to see the Tower of London, one of our favorites from our last trip. We had time to do that, but not to visit Westminster Abbey, another top spot. The best part of visiting the Tower of London is the free guided tour by the Yeoman Warders. Our guide was charming, funny, and entertaining as he brought history to life for us. Fabulous. Much better than walking around with earplugs, listening to an audioguide.

All too soon it was time for my husband and I to leave our baby and return home. It's tough to leave your kid in an apartment in a foreign country, but I knew that she'd learned her way around the city a little bit, and that helped. Still, I have to admit, I can't wait for her to come home.

That's the trip... hope you've enjoyed the journey. Next week, back to the basement! LOL

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