Thursday, March 21, 2013


Basement, continued...
by Julie

I'm deep, really deep in a manuscript right now. I'm working on the 7th White House Chef Mystery and the story has been giving me fits from the very start. There was one plot point I knew I'd have to address... and, truth be told, the one I mostly wanted to address... but I had to wrap that in with a mystery that brought it all together.

This has been a particularly tough go.

So, I'm taking a break in my day to write my post for The Cozy Chicks and I remembered that I've been telling you about our basement project.

If there's anything that helps me relax my brain after a long week of writing, it's reorganizing. Seriously. I thoroughly am enjoying this part of the journey. And since we've been at this since November, you can tell I'm enjoying it a lot! LOL

We have all sorts of sections. We have them for Barbies, comic books, housewares that don't fit in our kitchen cabinets, cleaning supplies, old pictures (I've mentioned these before), holiday decorations (separated into seasons, of course), gift wrap, stuff from my parents I can't bear to part with, old clothes that are meaningful for one reason or another, costume pieces, art supplies, craft supplies... well, you get the picture.

One of the nicest things about cleaning out as thoroughly as we're doing is finding old treasures. You know ... the things you never use anymore, the things you'll probably never need again, but are too valuable (sentimentally) to give away. One of the ones I was particularly happy to come across was this buggy.

My mom used to tell me the story of how she and her mother took me to Marshall Field's in Chicago's Loop when I was very little - I might have been two years old. It was Christmastime, back when they devoted an entire floor to toy displays and I spied this buggy immediately. I guess I walked around the entire floor pushing it while they shopped. So much so, that my grandmother insisted on buying it for me.

Now, my parents weren't well off. Not by a long shot. And my grandmother even less so. I look at this beautiful buggy (which I used for many, many loving years) and I realize that it was probably quite pricey back in the day. Wow. I know this must have been a stretch for her. Especially since I was her ninth grandchild at that point.

I'm grateful that she got to see me enjoy it for quite a few years before she died, and it makes me feel especially good that I still have it and still cherish it.

I have a few other treasures like this one. Most of the rest don't take up quite as much space, of course.

What about you? Are you still holding onto things from your childhood?

Are there any children in your life holding onto treasures you've given them?

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