Saturday, March 16, 2013

The New Phrase

It’s been about a week since the time change, and in that time my family has diagnosed a new affliction. SAAS, pronounced “sass” which is very appropriate.

It stands for Spring Ahead Adjustment Syndrome.

My whole family has it.

Waking up this week has been rough, leaving us all, well, sassy. You’d think after a week’s time that we’d be adjusted, but nope. We’re all dragging ourselves out of bed. I am very grateful that this past week was Son #2’s spring break, and my daughter had a late start all week due to scheduled testing, but still. It’s been rough.

(And you just know that I’ll just be getting adjusted when it will be time to change the clocks again...)

How are you adjusting? Are you sassy? Or have you taken the switch in stride?


hmk said...

I have seen DST described as cutting a foot off a blanket, sewing on the other end, and expecting the blanket to be longer. Seamsters and seamstresses will also consider a seam allowance.

Aurian said...

Here in Holland the time is reset on the last weekend in March, so for now I am still enjoying the sunrise when I head out to the office at 7 am.
Not looking forward at getting out of bed at what will be 5 am instead of 6. It will be that much colder as well.

Sue said...

The getting up isn't the problem, it's staying up to my normal bedtime at night that is the problem. I love getting up early and having my coffee and reading before the girls get up. THEY are the ones that haven't adjusted.

Heather Blake Webber said...

LOL, HMK. That about sums it up.

Aurian, keep enjoying those mornings while you can!

Sue, I'm with your girls. Because my bedtime is flexible, I think it's easier to adjust on that end. But my wake-up time is pretty much set in stone. A huge adjustment.

Kate Collins said...

According to an article in the news, there's no logical reason any more to adjust the time. We're suffering needlessly.

Unknown said...

I love living in Az .. We don't spring forward or fall back.

Chèli said...

According to my husband we still need DST because that's the only way he has enough daylight in spring early fall to play golf in the afternoon.

No problem one way or the other for me.


Linda in MA said...

I had just ended a 56 hour work week to then have to get up one hour earlier. I don't think my body has adjusted yet. Maybe next week I'll feel normal again.Bad timing with the time change this year for me.