Saturday, March 2, 2013

The New Name

I have a new name! No, it’s not another pen name. Well, not technically. I didn't come up with this one...

Check it out. It’s the book on the left...

Foreign copies of TRULY, MADLY

Heather Webberova! How cool is that? The book pictured there is actually Truly, Madly—the first book in my Lucy Valentine series, but it’s the Slovak edition (hence the Webberova).

American version

The other two books are also editions of Truly, Madly. One is the German edition, and the other is the Complex Chinese edition (the Indonesian version is out but I never received a copy of it).

I love seeing the foreign copies of this book, the different covers and even formats. The Slovak edition is a hardcover, while the other two are trade paperback. It’s fascinating to see my words in another language, and to get a glimpse into another culture—the Chinese book is backwards (it reads back to front) and the text is top to bottom.

The French and Turkey editions should be out soon, and I can’t wait to see how those look...and if they change my name, too. And maybe one day I’ll get to visit some of those countries...

If you could visit any country—where would you go?

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