Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Switching Gears

by Maggie Sefton

We novelists are used to switching gears, especially if we publish with large New York publishing houses. I write the Kelly Flynn Knitting Mysteries for Penguin Publishing, a HUGE publisher.  I write the Molly Malone Suspense Mysteries for a medium-sized publisher Midnight Ink Books which is not headquartered in New York.  So, like most of the Cozy Chicks, I write more than one series a year.  Consequently, novels are constantly in the process of being created, written, revised, edited, copy-edited, published and released into the world, in print and electronically.

So, these past few weeks I was either 1)  Finishing the 3rd in the Molly Malone Suspense Mysteries, or 2) Submitting the chapter outline for the 12th Kelly Flynn, or 3) Doing the copy exits  for the 11th Kelly Flynn, or 4) Writing the 12th Kelly Flynn,  or 5) Checking the galleys or what they now call "pass pages" for the 11th Kelly Flynn.

Confused yet?  Believe me, sometimes we novelists wake up thinking, "If this is Tuesday, it must be mystery number . . . ". Don't get me wrong.  I love variety.  In fact, I think I've gotten addicted to it.  I love having different characters dart in and out of my head, bringing scenes and dialogue.  Most of my novelist friends are the same way.  Of course, it could be we're all just "certifiable" and the men in white coats will be coming for us any day now.  :)  But until they come, we'll keep writing.   And my schedule is nothing compared to our Ellery Adams/Jennifer Stanley's insane schedule.  She writes even more.  

The covers above are for the 1st Molly Malone Suspense, DEADLY POLITICS (August 2012) and the 11th Kelly Flynn Knitting Mystery, out June 2013, CLOSE KNIT KILLER.   
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