Thursday, March 7, 2013

Surprises in the Snow

by Julie

It's Chicago. It's winter. There's snow. So what else is new?

Not to sound like one of those "I walked to school in the snow, up hill, both ways" kinda people, I do remember waiting at bus stops for overcrowded CTA buses to pick me up to take me to high school. Did I mention I was wearing a skirt? And because the school I went to was uber strict, we couldn't wear jeans to and from school, even if we planned to change out of them once we arrived. No jeans at my school - ever.

This wasn't some posh boarding school. This was a typical south side of Chicago parochial institution. I loved it there, to be honest. I loved every minute... well, except for waiting on the street corners in the middle of winter for the buses to come. Half the time they'd be so filled with commuters the buses would slush right past me and I'd be stuck waiting another ten or fifteen minutes in the freezing cold for the next one.

These days life in our Chicago winters is much nicer. My garage is attached to my house and the only time I'm out in the cold is when I choose to be. I wear down jackets and warm clothing. I wear jeans whenever I feel like it (which is most every day) and the snow and the cold don't hold the misery for me that they once did.

All this puts me in a happier mood. And the snow must know I harbor it no ill will anymore. Look at the lovely heart I found in my driveway the other day!

I peeked out my bedroom window and there it was! How fun!

Yeah, in case you're wondering, this picture isn't from the current snow, but from the one last week. We had a lot more to shovel and snowblow this time around.

Anyway, finding that heart made me realize that there are probably little unexpected happy surprises around us all the time. I need to remember to look for them.

Hope this heart brightens your day the way it did mine!

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