Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Oh Tablet, How I Love Thee!

by Deb Baker/Hannah Reed

I’m going out on a limb, trying something brand new.

In the past, I couldn’t leave town without carting along my laptop. It’s considered one of the lighter laptops, but after hauling the darn thing through airports, it starts feeling like a ton of bricks. For a while I used a wheeled case, but maneuvering that along with a wheeled suitcase was awkward.

So I decided to buy a tablet and keyboard for traveling. The choices were amazing and confusing- ipads, mini ipads, Google nexus, Asus, Samsung, the list goes on and on. After reading reviews and pondering the techno details, which I didn’t even understand, I went with a Kindle Fire HD 8.9”.

I’m so in love! It’s user friendly, was inexpensive compared to many of the others, is light (1.25 pounds), has beautiful resolution and I can check my email, watch movies, skype, hang on facebook, write, and it has all kinds of cool app too.

Still, I’m nervous and a bit sad about leaving my laptop behind. Once upon a time we had a thing. But my heart belongs to something else now. Farewell, laptop!

Do you own a tablet? What kind is it? Has it replaced your laptop?

p.s. I and my new love are traveling together at the moment. Once I land, I'll read your comments.


Donna B. Russell said...

I got a Kindle Fire US 8.9" a couple of months ago, and I love mine, too. It's perfect for using in the morning or at night in bed, and saves me having to set up the laptop and bed tray. And so many great features! Welcome to the club! ;-)

Donna B. Russell said...

Should be Kindle Fire HD, not US. (autocorrect!)

Lynda said...

Love, Love, Love my Kindle Fire HD 8.9". The 32 GB of storage is great (my Kindle Touch couldn't hold all my audio books). I put some music, pictures, and documents on it. When I travel I have all my ebooks, audio books, plus a few games. I can check my email, Facebook, etc. anywhere (much easier to see than on a phone). I use it as my alarm clock and flashlight. There are lots of free apps - like one with nature sounds and quite music to help me go to sleep when I'm in a strange place. I even got an app with a squeeky little mouse for my cats to play with - they love it. Once I get it set up, I'll even be able to connect to my home computer from my Kindle. It's awesome (although I wish it had a back-facing camera).

There are still a few things that I can do with my laptop that I can't do with the Kindle (like downloading pics from my camera), but considering the difference in the weight - it is a dream.

Hope you enjoy your's as much as I do mine.

Aurian said...

I've bought a Samsung tablet last year, the bigger size. A combined present for me and my boyfriend. Now I would enjoy reading ebooks. But alas, the thing is just too heavy to hold for long, so I never use it. My boyfriend uses it everyday. He is a cabdriver, and as business is very slow, he has hours to sit and wait in the cab, and watches movies and tv series episodes. If he can watch a whole movie uninterrupted, it is a very bad night!

Elaine said...

I have an iPad 2 (I was very lucky - I won it in one of the many contests for one that I entered). In the 15 months I've had it, I've turned my laptop on once or twice.

Much easier for traveling. Stay connected, lots of books on the iBooks/Kindle/Kobo apps.

Booklady said...

I have an iPad3 with a ZaggFolio Cover and Bluetooth Keyboard. I love it. I use it for reading, email, blogging, note taking, and I teach with it. I purchased Apple TV for the library so I can stand at the back of the tables with my iPad and project a book or a document on the smartboard with blocking the view of the students. We read lots of books together that way.

Debra said...

I have an iPad 3 with Griffin case. I love my iPad so much my husband bought me a carrying case because he said, "you take that thing everywhere with you." I only use our MBPRO to make online purchases.

Maggie Sefton said...

Deb---You know how much I love, love, LOVE my iPad! It's on iPad 2 and use it for 95% of emAil and even though I've got the protective iHome case with Bluetooth keyboard, I still pound out my emails fast on the iPad keyboard turned sideways. :). Always travel with it. Would fight to the death if someone tried to steal it. (eg)

Barbara T. said...

My iPad was an anniversary gift. Hubby was hoping to eliminate the proliferation of books in our home. He kept asking Nook or Kindle. I said iPad, thinking I needed it for games, too. Didn't think I needed any of them but do not want to go back to life without a tablet. I use a wedge to prop iPad up in bed or on lap. Works better at home than the cover.

Darlene said...

When they announced they were going 8.9 HD I pre-ordered 3 months before it was out! As soon as it came in I gave my dinky one to my son in law!! I love the graphics,size and I can watch netflix movies in bed!! Great size to view them.