Saturday, March 9, 2013

Honoring Our Animals

By Ellery Adams

There's nothing harder than losing a pet. I've known too many people who've faced heartbreak this year after saying good-bye to a dog, cat, horse, or another beloved pet.

The Cozy Chicks are all animal lovers. We add them to our books because the way our characters react to their pets provides insight into their most vulnerable feelings. Animals do that. They bring out our softer, gentler, and more playful sides.

Luckily for them, our characters rarely lose a pet. It's too painful to put our readers through that experience. But sadly, it happens all too often in real life.

So today's blog will be in memory of the animal friends we've lost over the past year. It will also be a celebration of saving lives, for this is the month in which  The Cozy Chicks renew our Guardian membership to the ASPCA. This is a monthly monetary commitment and one which we are thrilled to make.

We invite you to be part of it by adding a comment including the name of a pet that you've lost or that have recently brought home to add joy and delight to your existence. Because this blog post is a way of saying farewell, but it's also a way of starting anew.

We'll add your pet's name to our donation so the ASPCA knows that our contribution is backed by a large population of readers who also happen to be animal lovers. Thanks and here's to another year of early morning walks, vacuuming hairballs, and unconditional love.
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