Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Memories--Especially Those Hats!

by Leann

Way back in the dark ages when I was a kid, most holidays were marred by my mother's alcoholic binges, leaving me, even decades later, with a bad vibe come holiday time. But as I think back, Easter was one of those days when she was always sober. I loved Easter. It was a peaceful, happy holiday. As it should be.

I was a "fashionista" kid. Loved clothes. But it was rare for me to get new
things. Lots of hand-me-downs from friends and relatives. We did, however, always got a new outfit for Easter--from shoes and socks to coats. Even my older brother, a rough and tumble guy, was all decked out in a brand new sports jacket and snappy little hat.

That brings me to the hats. I loved, loved, loved a new hat. My "Easter bonnet" was always part of the ensemble. When we packed up last summer to move, I saw many pictures of my family in our hats. We spent a couple years in England when I was a toddler and my mother came from an era where everyone wore a hat for special occasions, so of course we had to have those hats.

My favorites were ones that had no elastic to bother my neck, but I only got one without a constricting band under my chin when I was older--like
nine or ten old! So old. :-) My aunt--my mother's half-sister--had the best hats ever. When my sister and brother were busy scarfing down the contents of their Easter baskets, I was anxiously awaiting my aunt's arrival to see what she was wearing. Every year she never disappointed. Wide brimmed were her favorites and I couldn't wait until I could dress just like her.

But then hats went out of fashion. I haven't worn a hat in more years than I care to recall. The Brits have it right. No dress-up day is complete without an amazing hat! What about you? Have any memories of your Easter outfits to share? I'd love to hear them!
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