Sunday, February 24, 2013

Why All the Fighting?

by Leann

Seems as if 2013 has turned out to be the Year of the Fight for me. And just when I think one fight is over, up pops another skirmish.

First, there is my kitten Marlowe, whom I adopted in mid January. Less than a week later, I was fighting to save his life. He started having seizures, had a high white blood count and it was impossible to tell exactly why. It took several days to eliminate the seizures and only this past week did he finish up his antibiotics. But just when I thought he was on an even keel, he had another seizure. Right now, after an increase in his seizure medicine, he is acting fine and is seizure free. But I am watching him closely. (And I adore him, by the way!)

Since 2010, I have been trying to get my Cats in Trouble series sold to an audio producer. I kept bugging my agent and at times heard nothing but ... "we're trying." That fight, (after a lot more "bugging") might soon be over--I hope! Stay tuned. (Big smile.)

My medication. I have a list of fatigue based illnesses, asthma and a syndrome called Chronic Daily Migraine. Yes. I get a migraine headache every single day. I never know when it will hit, but imitrex takes care of it within 20-30 minutes. So, what's that the fight? My insurance changed prescription providers in September. I have been fighting them ever since because THEY decided (I'm talking to you, Express Scripts/Medco) that I only needed 27 imitrex for 90 days. (You'd have thought I was asking for heroin!) I have serious issues with prescription drug providers overruling doctors about what their patients need, but that's another story. I THOUGHT this fight had ended when I won an appeal (after a lot of work documenting all the medical tests I have endured). But after 3 hours on the phone this week TRYING to talk to a human being at Express Scripts, I discovered that though a committee had approved my medicine, the order just hadn't made it over to the pharmacy to be "processed." The woman said, "Do you want me to do that now?" DUH. YES. Now the website says it is "being processed." FOR THE LAST 2 DAYS.

Then there's the house plan fight. We are planning to build on the lake lot we have owned for 8 years. But my husband and I do things very differently. We have spent most of 2013 fighting over how to get a plan we both can live with finished. Finally, in the last week and a half, we found a new designer who works very fast. I am still holding my breath, however. I think you can tell why after all I have just written on this blog.

I need a spa day. I need peace. I need deep breaths. I need to feel like I don't have to fight. How about you? Ever had a span in your life where you felt like you were at war with the world?
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