Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Where Are The Hounds?

by Maggie Sefton

Okay, Westminster Dog Show, I'm getting annoyed.  Every year we tune in to see all the wonderful variety in Dogdom on display.  I love it, and so do millions of other viewers who gleefully abandon regular TV programs to watch all these different dog breeds trot around the ring to be judged.  All the entrants have already won the top honors for their breeds in order to be included in this "Cadillac" of doggie events.  And at the very start of the evening, the announcer always starts by calling out:  "Bring in the Hounds!".

And in they come.  Hounds of every description.  I simply gathered a very few examples of the many breeds of long-legged, short-legged, tall, short, sleek coats and hairy hounds on display.  Hunting dogs.  They're all hunters.  Going out in the field or water, Tracking, scenting, flushing, and pointing out game.  What a beautiful assortment.  My silly Max is a mix of Blue Tick Hound and Black Lab
And resembles this black spotted hunter on the right.  

So, with all that gorgeous display of Hounds all around every year, the Dog Show winds up awarding Top Dog honors To some furry little fuzz ball.  :). Now. . .I have nothing against furry little fuzz balls or big hairy shaggies.   I just think long and lean running machines (i.e. Hounds) deserve some recognition, too.  They're SO good-natured.   

Please, all of you who have adorable little fuzz balls, please don't get upset.  I'm doing this tongue in cheek.  I have a feeling my Border Collie/Black Lab mix Katy is going to get her nose out of joint once she sees this email.  And I'm not kidding.   She's scary smart, can read my mind, and I wouldnt be surprised if she's checking my iPad when I'm not there.  Whatever pets you have, folks, give them a pat for me.  :)
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