Friday, February 22, 2013

We're all winners!

by Lorraine Bartlett / Lorna Barrett / L.L. Bartlett

Last week the Cozy Chicks held a bit of a contest.  It was our 2000th blog post and we asked readers to chime in with what they liked about the blog, and how long they'd been reading.  In a totally random drawing the winners were:

Cherie Bozell
Rita Crab
Adrienne Donze
Harriette Harra
Veronica Havlicek-Baher
Shazia McGeehan
Melody Mellinger
Cindy Ronken
Geri Thueme
Elizabeth Tindal

But more than just giving out Goody Bags of bookmarks, postcards, and buttons, we were the winners of lovely notes from our readers, and from all over the world.  Here are a brief sample.

From Terri from South Africa:  "What I like best about your blog is that it is a collective representation of such a diverse genre of cozy mysteries - you all have such interesting lives, and everyday I get to live vicariously on a different continent through your blog posts."

Jeannie from Knoxville, TN:  "I have been reading the blog for over a year now. I love it. I can keep up on my favorite author's new books. I love the recipes and the insight into an author's world. I read the post first thing every morning, it feels  like visiting with friends every morning. I found the blog through Lorna Barrett's website.  Her books were the first one's to turn me onto cozies, and now I have so many new author's to enjoy. So many books and so little time! Congratulations on the 2,000th post and here's to 2,000 more."

Barbara from New York, NY:  "Congratulations on the 2000th blog.  I am 75 years old and have read most of your books, especially those which take place in knitting stores and/or include recipes and instructions for knitting patterns.  I've just gotten over pneumonia and your books have given me much pleasure and keep my mind from atrophying as I try to find out who done it."

Linda from Butler, PA:  "Hi, I have been reading for a few years now and have met most of you at the Mystery Lovers Festival in Oakmont, PA. It's hard to tell you what I like most about the blog because I like lots of things. I like that it comes regularly every day so i don't have to keep track of what days it comes. I like learning about your lives and sharing in your joys and sorrows and there is frequently humor which I like. I also liked to see that someone has a messier basement than mine. Thanks for posting the pictures, Julie and good luck with your project."

Nicole from Haywood, Manitoba, Canada:   "I was beyond excited to find a web site that included so many of my favorite authors and especially appreciate the interactions we, as your fans, can participate in.  It humbles me that you take the time to read my , at times, crazy comments and still have time to create such captivating books."  

Adrienne from Minnesota:  "I read all of the authors' contributions, having been enlightened, entertained, excited and made emotional by any number of them.  When one of you has lost a loved one and shared that grief with us, I've felt so humbled by your willingness to let us support you.  When you're going through a life-changing event like children going off to college or moving from one city to another, you always invite us to support you.
     "And what happens when we write on the blog is that we end up supporting one another! We're total strangers and yet through that act of responding to your suggestions, questions, concerns, we become bonded on a particular issue. I think that's what I love most about the Cozy Chicks Blog:  it's humanity. Thank you all for being willing to share parts of yourselves with your devoted readers."

These are just a few of the wonderful letters we received. 

And now we'd like to thank you for joining us every day of the week. 

Thank you, dear readers.  We love you.


Uang Paypal said...

you're my inspiring for me. I want to like you, passionate and accomplished in blog

Linda Mc said...

Yes, we are all winners! And congrats to the winners of the cozy chicks swag. Love this blog, and all you wonderful writers.

Adrienne said...

Oh my goodness! I just saw that I'm one of the winners! Thank you so much in advance, Cozy Chicks. You not only give us hours and hours of excellent entertainment through your great books, but you also give out gifts!! What a country! I am really grateful. Adrienne in MN :-)