Monday, February 11, 2013

TV Time

by Maggie Sefton

I thought I'd do  a Mid-Winter Check on what TV programs are helping to distract people from the Winter Boredom or Blahs or whatever.  For some of us, the 3rd season of DOWNTON ABBEY arrived not a minute too soon.  I don't know about you folks, but I needed to disappear into an engrossing storyline with excellent British actors handling all sorts of problems, life-threatening and minor.  Titled folk and the fascinating and diverse staff that serve them.  Drama and more.  A week ago we watched a heart-wrenching episode that brought tears.  Totally unexpected and totally believable.   I won't divulge it in case some of you  readers haven't yet watched it.

Another favorite that I started watching two years ago and is back for its third season is REVENGE.  Talk about fascinating dramatic mystery plots.  There are villains of all kinds, men and women.  And the psychological makeup of these characters is compelling.  Once again, Excellent actors.  And plot twists which are always a surprise.  And that's saying something for TV.  Complex inter-relationships.

Another favorite show of mine is PERSON OF INTEREST.  It's outward storyline is these fascinating two men --- one a computer genius who's invented a genius machine who can tell who is in danger of being killed or killing and his partner, a former Black Ops soldier who left that life and has gone to ground to escape his former secretive Govt agency bosses.  Each week, another person is in danger.  And the two NYC detectives that secretly help them in their work have another high stakes game of cat and mouse---with various killers.  Again, excellent actors in all the roles.  And I have to say, the writer has developed one of the most fascinating and malevolent female villans I've ever seen on the screen.  She keeps slipping thru their grasp and is intent on capturing the quiet computer genius, Harold.  This season, former Black Ops agent John has accidentally acquired a Belgian Malinois watch dog who only understands commands in French.  Name is Bear.  Watching Harold and Bear develop a relationship has been lots of fun.

Those are three of my faves.  Now, what are some of your favorites this season?
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