Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Cleaning Virus

by Julie

I've been talking about how we've been clearing out the basement, right? Well, the need to put tidy up and clean has turned into a sort of virus around here. Our home has always been clean, but cluttered. I like to leave things out where I can reach them, especially when I'm in the midst of a project. My husband likes to put things away immediately. For as long as we've been married, I've more or less gotten my way - which is why there's always a pile of paperwork on the countertop.

All of a sudden, however, I'm finding enjoyment in the less-messy look. Enough to put forth effort to keep things pretty. I have to tell you - the basement has done this to me. We donated so much and threw away so much that I absolutely do not want to bring another *thing* into this house unless it serves an important purpose....or is consumable. No more stuff!!!

Remember back a few months ago when all the Cozy Chicks posted photos of our desks? You may recall mine:

Pretty bad, huh? That's how it's looked for the past... oh... ten years or so.

That was before this cleaning virus hit. Take a look at all those notes. Every single one of them serves a purpose and every single one of them remained within my reach every single day. But did they need to be *that* accessible? I decided they didn't.

And... oh... if this is my *desk* you can imagine how bad the rest of the room looked! My husband often said that he was taking his life in his hands whenever he needed to get something out of the closet. There was barely a path to walk.

Look at the desk now!

And the rest of the room!
Awesome, isn't it? I'm tickled.

The big question is... can I keep it this way? I plan to, of course. It's such a pleasure to walk in here each morning. But I need everyone to put on their Heloise hats and give me suggestions for how to stay on top of things, especially when I'm working under a tight deadline (like I am now).
Any ideas?

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