Tuesday, February 19, 2013


by Maggie Sefton

Since nothing has suddenly popped into my head, demanding to be written about, my post today will be snippets of thoughts that briefly appeared on my "radar screen" today:

Serious illness---my oldest daughter (a mom of four herself) had emergency gall bladder surgery last week.  Suddenly, all of us in the family were keeping in touch with the situation and exchanging information via texts and brief phone calls.  I know technology can add to the stress level in our lives, but sometimes it can also bring huge benefits, like faster communication.  We do group texts with five or more on our smartphones, so when someone learns or hears something, we all know it.

Leann's wonderful Sunday post on our CC blog---Thank you so much, Leann, for expressing those thoughts so wonderfully.  They are shared by so many of us who love to write cozy mysteries.  And we LOVE that our readers love our books.  :)

Staying in touch with old friends---Today a dear writer friend and I shared a long and wonderful lunch, catching up with each other.  We talked about all sorts of things, especially fiction.  We're both putting up formerly published novels on EBooks.  And we've got ideas for new fiction we want to release as well.  Exciting times.  Mary Gillgannon and I met in the early 90s in Denver at Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers meetings.  We were both writing historical romance and we became fast friends and joined with two other historical romance authors, Denee Cody & Jessica Wulf, to form  a serious critique group to supplement the wonderful critique group we were participating in Denver.  We worked hard, honing our craft, and within two years, all four of us were published with major New York publishing houses.  Today, we're all still writing, but have broadened our interests to include mystery, paranormal, and fantasy.  Mary & I continue to stay in touch with each other.  Old friends are truly gold.

Lastly, I still can't believe Season Three of Downton Abbey ended the way it did on Sunday night.  All I can say is. . .Oh, No!!!!!!!!!

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