Monday, February 11, 2013

Is Facebook On Its Way Out?

by Kate Collins

Here's some surprising news. Two separate studies have emerged pointing to the conclusion that for all its popularity, Facebook is actually making people unhappy.

The first study, conducted by researchers from New Zealand's University of Canterbury
found that spending time on Facebook ranked among the 10 worst activities in terms of unpleasantness and lack of engagement. It was ranked as the least meaningful activity and the one that made people the second-most unhappy, surpassed only by recovering from illness.

In another study conducted by researchers from the University of Edinburgh Business School,  the more social circles people have represented among their Facebook friends, the more stressful they find Facebook to use. Apparently, seeing all the happy comments about other people's lives made them feel disappointed in their own lives.

I find these findings surprising because I enjoy getting on Facebook and reading all the news about people I know and even people I only know because  I see their names all the time. And I REALLY enjoy the jokes and cartoons. I've never felt bad about my own life because of Facebook or stressed out because of it.

Trying to meet a deadline is much more stressful than reading Facebook postings. In fact, I use Facebook as a diversion when I need a break. Yes, I'll admit, it's not the most meaningful activity I could do, but it's still fun.

What do you think? Do you find Facebook, or any of the other social media sites, like Google Plus, stressful? Does it make you feel bad about your own life? Let's conduct our own little study. 

Have a great week, and in the meantime, I'll see you on Facebook!
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