Saturday, February 2, 2013

Curses! *!^%*^

I don’t swear much. I used to—back before I had kids and didn’t really have to set an example for anyone. But as my kids grew up, I grew out of the habit of swearing.

That’s not to say one doesn’t slip out a time or two...some instances just call for it. Especially when I’m driving—enough said (but never in front of the kids, even though they’re all practically grown).

This is also not to say that life doesn’t hand us many things to curse about. It does. From stubbing a toe to dropping a plate to getting the shaft...sometimes I just want to cuss aloud a blue streak.

I don’t. But lots of times I’ll use another word, a substitute of sorts. You know the kind (oh, fudge!). Me? I have two fallbacks. One comes from Spongebob Squarepants (don’t judge). It’s simply barnacles.

The other...well, quite a few years back Mr. W and I were watching a movie on TV that had originally been in theaters. Instead of muting the curse words, creative substitutes were made. For this film, the mother of all swears was changed to Melon Farmer. So yes, whenever the situation calls for it, we use melon farmer. It comes in handy—and usually makes us laugh, too.

Do you have any creative substitutes for swears? 
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