Thursday, February 7, 2013

Basement, part 2

by Julie

Last week, I started talking about the basement transformation project. At this point, in real-time, it's done. That is, the finishing part is actually finished. The thing is, we haven't moved everything back into the basement that belongs there. And at this point, I'm not certain I want to move some of this stuff back in.

More on that in a moment.

In the meantime, you remember the pics from last week? Little by little (over months, I kid you not) we managed to clear out a few shelves, and even a few corners. That wasn't enough, by a long shot, but it was a start. After this week, I won't share more of the "before" pictures - I think you get the idea.

But I will pose a new question... we've donated a LOT this year. We've taken more van trips to Goodwill than I would have ever imagined. Feeling good about that.

We do have a few special items left, however. Things that could fetch a good price on eBay, but then again, might not. With manuscripts due every six months, and quite a few commitments beyond that, I don't really have the time to post items to sell (I have a lot of them), follow up, manage paperwork, and prepare the items for shipping. I'm considering using one of those places that does the work for you.

The companies who do this take a big chunk of the profits, I know. I think a few of us here on Cozy Chicks may have used a service like that in the past. I'm considering it. To clear out the last bunch of stuff in my house, and to maybe make a few collectors in the world very happy.

Have you ever used one of these services? How did it go?
Are there options for selling these things that I'm missing?
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