Thursday, February 7, 2013

Basement, part 2

by Julie

Last week, I started talking about the basement transformation project. At this point, in real-time, it's done. That is, the finishing part is actually finished. The thing is, we haven't moved everything back into the basement that belongs there. And at this point, I'm not certain I want to move some of this stuff back in.

More on that in a moment.

In the meantime, you remember the pics from last week? Little by little (over months, I kid you not) we managed to clear out a few shelves, and even a few corners. That wasn't enough, by a long shot, but it was a start. After this week, I won't share more of the "before" pictures - I think you get the idea.

But I will pose a new question... we've donated a LOT this year. We've taken more van trips to Goodwill than I would have ever imagined. Feeling good about that.

We do have a few special items left, however. Things that could fetch a good price on eBay, but then again, might not. With manuscripts due every six months, and quite a few commitments beyond that, I don't really have the time to post items to sell (I have a lot of them), follow up, manage paperwork, and prepare the items for shipping. I'm considering using one of those places that does the work for you.

The companies who do this take a big chunk of the profits, I know. I think a few of us here on Cozy Chicks may have used a service like that in the past. I'm considering it. To clear out the last bunch of stuff in my house, and to maybe make a few collectors in the world very happy.

Have you ever used one of these services? How did it go?
Are there options for selling these things that I'm missing?


Shel said...

I haven't used such a service, Julie, but here's a suggestion that might save you some money: Why not have a local friend who has more time do that for you? Surely there's someone close enough geographically to you that could manage? And you'd have greater peace of mind knowing that it's a person you could trust, rather than strangers.

Miss Merry said...

I do like Shel's suggestion. I did have someone handle the shipping for me once and by the time it was said and done, I would have put more in my pocket if I sold the item at a garage sale. Are the items fragile? Packing costs are a consideration. Is there a local Antique store that will sell on consignment? When I do ebay, I take a bunch of pictures over a period of time. I list them all in one day, do a 3 day listing. Don't keep checking. Mark out the 3rd day for packing and shipping and head to the post office. You are really are only left with listing day and packing and shipping day. Good Luck!

Diane L. said...

I am moving in March and I am trying to get rid of a nice dining room set. I contacted a Consignment shop and told them about it. They said"if he is interested, he will call you". That was 2 weeks ago. No call. I don't want people coming to the house to look at it. I'm alone here. I called an Auction house and they looked at it and said it is perfect condition but people don't want that type now..They will pick it up free and when they have the Charity auctions, they will try to sell it there. If it doesn't go they will give it to the needy. I feel good if it goes for charity but sad at the same time. Good luck with your stuff.

Jeannie D. said...

I sell on Ebay all the time. I still think that is your best bet. I normally have the listing for 7 days. It is 25 cents to list auction and 50 cents for a buy it now listing. I agree with the others, that perhaps if you don't have the time you could enlist a friend. Those services take way to much of your profit. The shipping is not that hard. You just have to make sure that the weight is right when you list. My daughter has 4 boys and she lets me help her sell stuff on the bay all the time.

Julie Hyzy said...

What a great idea! I hadn't ever considered asking a friend or family member (heh heh, daughter?) to help me out with this. Hmm... Thanks for suggesting it, Shel! Ebay is fabulous site and I think that would be a nice place to offer these things. You ladies are geniuses!! Thank you!!

Adrienne said...

I've learned a lot from all of the great comments! And I'm inspired by your progress, Julie. Good luck with what you decide for your special items and keep us posted. (has your daughter called to volunteer yet? Ha!)
Best regards...keep eating those cookies and writing those words! Adrienne in MN

Julie Hyzy said...

LOL! Thanks, Adrienne!

Linda in MA said...

I am inspired by your progress too! I need to clear out the basement and 2 attics but I find it hard to let go of things. Nothing near the hoarding stage but I do seem to accumulate books! I do love Big Brother Big Sister because they come and pick up your stuff at your house. I just need to get on the ball and purge the old and keep the stuff I really want.

Aurian said...

Well done Julie! And I think it won't be so hard to find someone to help you out. And how is your husband in packaging things?