Sunday, February 3, 2013

Are You Super Bowling?

by Leann

Okay, since the team I root for is NEVER in the Super Bowl, I watch for the commercials. But this year, it seems there is a whole lot of controversy over several already previewed ads. Seems some people all up in arms about the use of a Jamaican accent--but the Jamaicans aren't. They say, "Don't worry, be happy!" And they're right! Really, political correctness watchdogs? Is this what you want to talk about? Apparently there's a kiss that's too "kissy" and a few more "problems" that I've heard about.

There is a cure for all this. DO. NOT. WATCH. I understand that advertisers are pushing the envelope since the whole idea behind a very expensive commercial is to get people's attention. Good attention, bad attention. It doesn't matter to them! If you end up talking about it, you are spreading the word, and thus it's all gold. It's sort of like your two-year-old saying bad words. He or she may get a "time out" but the kid got what s/he wanted. Your undivided attention.

The Super Bowl is entertainment, not politics. But wait. Have politics become entertainment? Hmm. Maybe that's what's wrong with Congress. They don't understand their job anymore. They make headlines. They stomp their feet like toddlers. And like teenagers, they spend lots of money that ends up making their folks (that would be US!) angry. Yes! That's it. It is truly a television and media culture now. I wish I could turn the Congress off.

Remember, there will be Clydesdales. Don't you love them? Beyonce will sing LIVE. (After the lip-syncing horror!!!) Just enjoy getting together with your friends or family this afternoon. Laugh. Yell for your team. And don't take commercials seriously.

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